Zeus back

My dog Zeus (a registered Redbone Coonhound) and I moved from Southern California to the state of Washington .  I had plans to attend the local college without the distractions of home. I also really wanting

to get out into the woods of the Pacific N/W and experience the wilderness with my hound dog on my time off from my schooling

We had only lived in our home for three days before Zeus came up missing. I was sitting on the couch in my living room with the door open. I was reading and Zeus was out on the porch watching the foot traffic go by as he had done the last few nights.  When he didn’t come in after a few minutes had passed I began to get concerned and went to check on him to find he was gone. There was no sign of him anywhere.  That night after looking around the area for hours I came home and waited with the front door open. I honestly wasn’t that worried at that time because I figured that someone would find him and call me. After all, he did have my phone number and my address on his tags so I thought surely by the next morning I would get my Zeus back.  When no one called that day I got worried, , , Very Worried.  I began taking action by placing flyers up all over my area but the flyers I was putting up had no picture of my dog on them, but I needed to get something up ASAP.  When I didn’t get any calls from my flyers I got even more worried and went to the Kitsap County Humane Society to see if he might be there. Zeus was no where to be found there. I filled out a lost animal report. 

On the way home I started to weep like I was at a funeral.  I was so distraught that I started screaming violently in my jeep. I missed my Zeus so very much! It was at that moment I thought there was no hope, and that someone had my Zeus and they had no intention of giving him back. He is a very handsome dog.

That same afternoon I started calling various organizations like, P.A.W.S. Pet Savers, and Animal Rescue Families. I began filling out lost pet reports over the phone with these very nice folks. 

Still, , , no one phoned me about possibly finding my Zeus.

Then very early the following morning someone from one of the pet organizations called me back and gave me the phone number to Melody, the "Pet Detective." I didn’t phone her right away because I wanted to keep looking around my area for Zeus. That night when I got home from searching and had not found him, and I still had no calls about a possibly sighting of him I remembered the phone number I had received that morning.  That’s when I called Melody Pugh, the Pet Detective. After talking to her, , she was so positive, , I immediately started to regain hope. She told me the real facts about lost and stolen pets and explained to me that they can and do turn often up after long periods of time go by. I was feeling as though Zeus had been missing forever, even though it actually had only been a couple of day’s time.

I showed her one of my flyers and she said she would make two new ones for me.

She told me that it was important to have a picture of my Zeus on the flyer, and if I didn’t have one, we could search the internet for a picture of a dog that looked very similar to my Zeus. I found one at a Redbone Coonhound forum. She also had me call the police and list Zeus as a possible stolen pet.

Melody made me one type of flyer to put up on the telephone poles at traffic intersections that just said "LOST, REWARD" with the picture on it and her phone number since I didn’t have a local number as yet. The other flyer was more in-depth had had a small summery about my dog the picture and the different things that could be done to help me find him. This flyer was to be put on every ones door in the area.  She also told me that not only should I be calling the humane society every night to listen to there found pet line, but I also should to go there every three days to look with my own eyes to make sure whether he was or wasn’t there.

Now it was just a matter of work to get my new flyers up on telephone poles and delivered to homes and businesses. I had 600 black and white copies of the door to door flyer made, and 50 color copies of the telephone pole flyer. I also bought 50 plastic paper slips to put over the telephone flyers to protect them from getting wet because it was raining outside. Melody provided me with a staple gun to put the flyers on the telephone poles easily. I began delivering my new flyers right away. My schooling had now begun so I made it my mission to put in 2 hours a day looking for Zeus and putting flyers and going door to door, I didn’t always make the goal but I never quit.

I found that most people I delivered the flyers to be very helpful and supportive, I also found out just how hard it is to cover a "small" area door to door.  As I put in my daily time I was also looking, asking and watching, and I never gave up hope. I continued checking the pound and updating the Melody the Pet Detective. 

About 11 days went by before THE call I had so desperately wanted to receive came!

I was on the freeway on my way home from school and I had turned my phone off while in my classes. When I left school for the day and began driving home I turned my phone. There were 8 messages.  The first message was from Melody and she said "call me back as soon as you get this."  I tried not to get my hopes up just in case she wasn’t calling that she had located Zeus, but it is really hard, when you miss your pet as much as I did. I called her and she informed me that she believed that had she had found Zeus and that she would meet me at my house.  She told me to drive carefully. Needless to say the pedal went to the medal and I drove home as fast I could get there. Melody and I arrived at my house at the exact same moment. 

She informed me that the dog she believed to be my Zeus was at a house several blocks from where I lived and that the fenced area where it was believed Zeus was with another larger dog, was very dirty. Zeus in fenced aria

We went to the house right away to see if the dog was Zeus.

And , , , IT WAS my Zeus!!!!!!!!!!  

Besides finding Zeus, Melody also obtained the name and work phone number for the woman who lived in the home where Zeus was. The woman was reluctant to give my Zeus back because Zeus had given her dog such good company while she was at work. But Melody told her Zeus had been reported as possibly having been stolen and that she was now in possession of stolen property. The woman hadn’t stolen Zeus, but she was in possession of him now. The woman immediately made arrangements with Melody for us to pick Zeus up the following morning at 8 am when the woman would be home from work.

Melody and I arrived right at 8 am the following morning.

I gave the woman a check for the good job she did taking care of him and thanked her kindly.

Melody was a HUGE help and was there for me the entire way through. I don’t know if I would have my dog today if I never found out about her and called her for help. She knows from all her experience and training how you find a lost pet quickly and affectively.  She most definitely deserves the title of "Pet Detective."

Thank you for everything Melody. I am so happy to have my Zeus back with me!


Casey and Zeus

Zeus having a walk with me