Toby's Travels Mary was on her way home from visiting Poulsbo area after having visited with her sister. She had stopped along the freeway to next to one of military bases in the area to check one of her tires on her small motor home. Toby "kitty" leaped out the door and had became immediately frightened to the sounds of the vehicles rushing by along the freeway. He quickly scaled the military bases fence and disappeared into the sparse woods. After calling and calling for Toby,

Mary made her way to the front gate of military base desperately asking them to allow her passage to recover her Toby. They denied her entry without proper ID. They did however provide her with the numbers to the local shelters which she phone right away on her cell phone. Both told her that she needed to speak with the pet detective providing her with the phone number. She phoned and soon we made contact with one another. I arranged to meet with her at the mile marker where her Toby had crossed the fence. Leaving Mary there, I went to the main gate of Military base and gained entry to the facility. I quickly located the area where Mary was outside the bases fencing. Mary was quite lucky,, Toby, she had told me was very friendly, even with strangers,,, and he hadn't left the immediate area from where he had crossed the fence. I was able to locate him about 30 minutes after my arrival to the area. He was approximately 100 feet from where he crossed the fence under some brush in the sparsely wooded area. With a soft voice and much coaxing Toby allowed me to pick him up and wisk him quickly to my truck and into a carrier, and soon back into Marys awaiting arms.


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