To Our Neighbors:

Iím writing this letter because I would like to thank a very nice lady for doing a service for me and my special friend.

I adopted a Sheltie from the Kitsap Humane Society. This dog had been abandoned by his family six months ago. He had been living in the woods, in the Sunnyslope area. The day after I adopted him, he ran away. I knew where he was, back in the same area. I tried everything to catch him, went to feed him every day. I wouldnít give up on my adopted friend. I even had a new friend from PAWS helping me, but to no avail. I couldnít catch him; he was so scared.

Then we found Melody Pugh, known as (The Pet Detective). I pointed my dog out to Melody on Friday night. I had my dog back home with me Saturday morning. I want to thank Melody for reuniting me with my pet.

I would also like to thank Cherie from PAWS for helping me to adopt my little friend. Donít give up; most lost pets end up being a victim in the end. Please call the Pet Detective Melody.

Our pets deserve the best care we can give them. I now have a very happy loving pet.

Judy Chandler




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