Kitty hitches ride to family reunion
By Travis Baker, Sun staff


Pet-finder Melody Pugh of Bremerton will send Boots to his owners near Nashville , Tenn. , today.

Staff photo by Steve Zugschwerdt

A feline will find its family, thanks to help from friends.

Boots has his ride.

The cat left behind when the Jim Milliron family moved from Kitsap County to Tennessee a couple of months ago will fly out of Sea-Tac International Airport this morning in the company of a Port Orchard woman and her mother.

Boots had been missing for six months when the Millirons relocated. But Melody Pugh of Bremerton, known for her dedication to finding lost pets, found him earlier this month near McWilliams Road , about half a mile from where the Millirons lived.

To reunite the 2-year-old cat with its owners, Pugh had to find someone who would carry him aboard in the plane's passenger compartment, since it's too hot in Nashville for him to ride in the luggage compartment.

So Pugh put out a plea for a volunteer last week.

Diana Boquist, who was planning a visit to her sister in Tennessee , agreed to take Boots when she and her mother, Dorothy Wesner, depart today.

Boots' story shows people they shouldn't give up the search for a lost pet, Pugh said.

Published in The Sun: 09/23/1999


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