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Thank You

This page is dedicated to all who have helped
me in finding our Lost Paws!

Becky Hahn, Producer at KOMO TV 4, Northwest Afternoon
Lost Pets Show aired on September 10th, 1999


I was simply overwhelmed with joy the moment I heard "What do you think of"  I thank you for the Civil Award you have bestowed upon my cause and myself.  The kindness you have shown me certainly warms my heart.  I appreciate your interest and confidence in my cause to have given myself, and all the lost pets waiting to be found the priceless gift of a web site for helping the lost be found again.  The award you have given to me means life to so many.  For this I wish to say thank you for caring so much, and making my dream become a reality!

Very Sincerely,

For Dina at


I don't know what I would have ever done without your expertise in developing my web site for me.  I have serious doubts that I would have ever been able to achieve my dream of a web site so complete and well done for helping people with lost pets to come to for help.  You have shown such care and attention in its making.  You have provided this so generously and with such impressive know how.  I am absolutely thrilled and thankful for all the care you have provided in its making.  You have created a web site that will help me to help others who have lost their pets and are so desperate to find them.  Dina, you are my angel ... Every time a lost pet is found through my web site I will think of you.

Thank you so very much,


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