Spot - Found Spot is found!

We handed out 450 flyers around our neighborhood, and then another 200 (2 weeks later) around the specific area that people were calling and saying that they had seen Spot... Late on a Saturday evening we had received a call that he had been seen about 4 blocks away...when we got there he was sitting in someone's driveway. When I went toward him he spooked and ran....a little while later we found him under the deck. grabbed him and had him in my arms when one of the people helping me search walked up to me and Spot went crazy.

He scratched me horribly (my arms, hands and chest) all the while hissing and screaming. I couldn't hold on to him and I dropped him and he ran away. We searched until 3:00am that night. I went home crying and horribly upset because I had not been able to keep a hold of him. I am surprised that no one called the police on us for being in their yards with flashlights.

A wonderful family called at 8:00am on Good Friday (one week later) to say that they had seen Spot on their deck and thought that he had run underneath it.My youngest son and I ran for the car and drove over (it was at the house next door to where I had almost had him the week before). 

When we got there I looked under the deck. The first thing that I saw was kitty hair (more specifically Spot hair!!) on the edges of the wood around the bottom of the deck--> and then there he was...just out of reach. I sat in a mud puddle for about 30 minutes with food coaxing him to come to me. Just when I was wondering how in the world I was going to get a hold of him I looked up and he was nose to nose with me and he said "mew". I froze scared that any move that I made would scare him back out of reach. I had some dry food in my hand so I opened it up and he started eating it. When he wasn't looking at me I grabbed his front leg and pulled him to me. He didn't fight me at all. I wrapped him in a beach towel that I had brought and started to cry. He had been gone almost a month.

The people that had called me had a kitty carrier and let me borrow it and I took him straight to the vet. He most probably has been hit by a car. His tail is broken and just drags behind him. Also, his front fang teeth on the left side are broken off at the gum line and he has a scar on his bottom lip. The vet said it appears that he suffered some sort of very hard blow to the back of him and he must have landed on his face (for the force to be enough to break his teeth that way). He also lost a horrible amount of weight. He only weighed not quite 8 lbs. when we got him back (he had been at about 12+ lbs. at the last vet visit). He was severely malnutrition and dehydrated to the point of handfuls of hair were coming off of him and he had several bald spots on his spine (about 2in. wide and 4 in. long). He was filthy, had fleas and several scars on his neck from who knows what.But he was home and alive. After I had him thoroughly checked out for every ailment known to man and beast, x-rayed, wormed and given a bath I took him home. I thought that Odie (our other kitty) would be happy to see Spot. NO! There was much hissing and hiding going on. Spot was so weak that I was afraid that he was going to get hurt (he tried to jump down off the bed and collapsed on the floor) so we separated them. We put Spot in one room to rest and be babied (my oldest son and I took turns sitting with him-->he wouldn't eat without someone right next to him encouraging him and then only one or 2 bites at a time) and we let Odie get used to smelling Spot again.It took about a week before Odie seemed ok with the "new" kitty in the house and now they are best friends again. Snuggling and licking each other. We are so glad. Spot is slowly putting on weight and his hair is not falling out anymore. His strength is returning and he is starting to run and play. Sometimes he moves his tail a little bit, but I am afraid that it may not heal all of the way. The vet said not to plan on it ever working the way it used to.Thank you for having the service that you do... I know that you understand how empty you can feel when your loved one is out there all alone and you don't know if they are alive or not.Sorry about rambling on so long. If I hear about anyone needing your help I will let them know about your page and support.

Thank you, Kathryn


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