Dear Melody,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We were at wits end, when after two weeks of searching for Sherman, our two year old Bassett Hound. We heard similar stories from two different

neighbors that lead me to believe he may have been stolen. We have had two Bassett Hounds hit by cars in the past, so we had just been checking the ditches. Following up on the neighbors' leads, I eventually contacted a cable company. The receptionist said that she thought she could help me.

Later that day the 'person of interest called me, but claimed he never 'took' Sherman. Our newfound hope quickly gave way to the feeling of being at wits end.

Thanks to the outstanding reputation you have earned with the Bremerton Animal Control Office, and the Kitsap Humane Society (KHS), we were fortunate to have been referred to you. You started out with a focus of care and concern for our missing family member, and began helping immediately. When I asked about your policy for contract and fee, you said "Don't worry about that, I'll leave it up to you", even before I explained I was Social Security Disability.

Thanks to your influence and expertise, we were able to get a meeting with the cable company's managers and you secured a confession from the 'person of interest'. However, Sherman had already escaped from his backyard. Hope again faded. However, you gave us encouragement and direction, which proved to be most valuable.

After posting flyers and talking with the 'person of interest' neighbors in Bremerton, I went to as you suggested where your contacts recognized my picture of Sherman. Instantly, my hope was renewed! However, I was told that Sherman had been adopted out two days earlier, and I couldn't get him back, unless Sherman's new owners agreed. Even with several contacts from KHS, his new owners chose to keep him. Again, we were at wits end. However Melody, you weren't going to take this news lying down!

I contacted a lawyer who advised me that the new owner would be considered 'a buyer in due course', and that would take precedence over my right to reclaim stolen property. I would have a clearer right to reclaim a stolen item, such as a car.

Melody, you had me file a stolen property report with the Mason County Sheriffs Office anyway, and you worked with the Executive Director of KHS to ensure he would honor an order from law enforcement to arrange to have Sherman returned.

In light of your efforts with KHS, and the pending Sheriffs investigation, Sherman's new owners were ordered by the Sheriffs Department to render Sherman over to KHS so that a decision could be made by you and a fellow at KHS as to whether the dog in question was in fact Sherman our dog. The decision of course was that this was in fact our dog Sherman. We were so ecstatic when Sherman was brought into the office for us to see after the decision had been rendered. Sherman was going home with us!! I understand, how his new owners could have become quickly attached to him. Sherman is a quality pedigree with a wonderful disposition. And from their perspective, 'what kind of owner wouldn't go back to check the kennel during the five days Sherman was incarcerated'. Once I thought he may have been stolen, I didn't think to search for him as if he were lost,, and made it to a shelter. (Especially a shelter so far from our home, and outside the county where we live). Melody you gave us such valuable information that brought our so loved Sherman home to us. Although Sherman's disposition was changed by his experience and resultant neutering, we can't believe we actually have him home with us!!

Melody, thank you for your relentless pursuit of any, and all avenues to approach in finding Sherman. You are an angel. Thank you VERY much!

Sincerely, Tim, Cheri, Jeff, Tim Jr . . . . & Sherman