I was on vacation, out of state, while my little 7 year old Yorkshire terrier, Rocky, was staying with friends when the call came through. My little 8 lb baby had "escaped" and was missing for 12days in an area far away from his home!! My friends had been looking for him frantically. They had an ad in the papers, were in contact with two animal shelters, and had been out non-stop posting flyers on telephone poles, door to door and at any businesses that would allow it. They had already contacted Melody the Pet Detective, and had been working with and taking her advice. They hired a search dog who had followed Rocky's scent across a four lane street (how he didn't get run over is still a mystery to me) and stopped at a nearby recreation center door as though Rocky had been picked up at that spot. But this recreation center for children did not know where my Rocky was.

I was not due to return home for five more days, so I launched into phone work with Melody. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and, most importantly, very compassionate.

I had a real sense of hope that someone who knew what they were doing and had all the right resources was working on finding Rocky even though I couldn't be there myself. I was panicked not being able to be home looking for my Rocky. My imagination was running wild and I was scared to death at what might have happened to my little fella.

While I was still out of town, I was having lunch with a friend when I told her my dreadful news. She reached right into her purse and had an envelope from her Catholic church that had several prayer pamphlets, one of which was all about St. Anthony. My friend informed me that St. Anthony was the saint of "lost things" and that I should pray to him and that she would pray to him also. She gave me a real sense of peace that finding Rocky could be in the hands of powerful beings, much too powerful for even my comprehension. I prayed like crazy!!

When I returned home we changed our flyers to include a $500.00 reward. We re-distributed the flyers, including the recreation center. The recreation center counselors had been talking with the children who attend, but no leads were revealed on Rocky's whereabouts. We posted flyers for three straight days and nights nonstop, also going door to door, stopping people on the street and talking to anybody that would listen. We were beginning to get tired and losing hope.

A call to Melody at the end of each day was so encouraging. She always had additional ideas and suggestions that I could work with the following day and made me feel that there was always more work to do which gave me a sense of "it's not over yet, there is still HOPE".

We had finished the last three days of intensive "postings and looking" and I was back on my job for the first time since Rocky was lost. I was feeling a sense of frustration not being able to actively look for Rocky, having to concentrate on only my job. I was getting ready to leave for the day, responded to an E-mail answering a coworkers' inquiry on if I had found Rocky. I explained that Rocky was still lost and would she please pray to St. Anthony for me. I closed my computer, said yet another of many prayers to St. Anthony and left for the day.

Within 15 minutes of my leaving my jobsite, I received a call from my friends that had been helping to find Rocky, that they had a call from a man who said he had Rocky. He and his wife were already there and HE DID HAVE ROCKY, no worse for the wear.

This man, his wife and son had seen the latest flyer and wanted to return Rocky. Rocky was very comfortable in the arms of the woman and she seemed very attached to Rocky. The couple said they had just bought Rocky from a "woman on the street" for $250.00 just the day before. However, they contradicted that story later in the conversation and I believe they had had Rocky this entire time, probably taking him home from the recreation center. It was when they saw a $500.00 reward that they decided to return him to his rightful owner. It didn't matter to me because the goal of the reward was to encourage whoever had Rocky to return him, and we accomplished that. I rushed over to my friends house (a 40 minute drive) and there was my little "Rocky Doodle-Dog" waiting for me. He was so happy to see me and gave me lots of kisses. He kept heading for the door as if to say, "I am ready to go home now". My friends and I just couldn't have been more elated... they kept telling me about this couple who returned Rocky to them and we all just kept getting more and more excited. We were all loving on Rocky and Rocky was giving every one of us good kisses,,, he was happy to see people he knew and loved, especially me!!

I immediately called Melody to tell her the wonderful news and said "guess what?'. She immediately said, "Ohhh, tell me right now". She couldn't stand the suspense one minute. I immediately told her that I had Rocky in my arms, and Melody almost started crying. She wanted to hear all about the couple and how Rocky was returned.

I'm sure that Melody will use this experience to help her with everybody's searches, and it is because of these experiences that she is soooo helpful and knows all the right things to do for looking for lost loved ones. Melody never lost hope and just seemed to have an intuition that "somebody" had Rocky and that we would find him. She was so reassuring, and I needed that!! She said that when we get off the phone tonight that she would cry because she was so thrilled that Rocky was safe once again, and she also told me, "I love you for not giving up hope and continuing to try and find Rocky". She spent countless hours on the phone with me and even came over to help look at the area herself before I even got back to town. She was truly a God-send to me and Rocky. I had Rocky at the Vet the next night, he checked out fine. He was micro chipped immediately.


Rocky was purchased and brought home by my late husband 7 years ago and in the last 5 years since his passing, Rocky has become a large part of my soul and connection to Sam. I prayed to God, St. Anthony and, of course, to Sam to help reunite his beloved dog with me. It was a miracle that this little creature can be back in my life and home once again.

Thank-you, thank-you to Melody, my friends, and family for all their efforts and prayers. It truly took all of us, including the heavens, to have such a loving conclusion to this story.

For everybody out there with a lump in your throat and a broken heart, miracles do happen. Don't give up hope, keep trying, I pray your loved one will return to you as well.....


Toni R.