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Protect Your Pet

In light of the recent devastating Earthquake in Western Washington
this is some information that has been provided by FEMA & local agencies,
to help you protect your pets before & after any disaster.

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FEMA says: "The behavior of pets may change dramatically after a disaster.
Normally quiet and friendly cats and dogs may become aggressive or defensive."

Pet owners beware: 

kitten paw fires and quakes can flip out your finned, feathered and furry friends.
kitten paw you must evacuate, take your pets with you.
kitten paw health and space reasons, pets are forbidden in public emergency shelters.
kitten paw as a last resort, you have to leave your pets behind, make sure you have a plan to ensure their care.

Disaster Guide: Your Personal Pet Plan

The SPCA, Red Cross, Humane Society or local animal control department will set up emergency pet centers near mass care facilities. Usually, the only animals allowed inside human care facilities will be seeing-eye dogs.

Call your local Animal Shelter, SPCA or Humane Society for generic pet care information as well as any specific plans they may already have to deal with pets in a disaster. Knowing this information now will be of great comfort in the event of a major quake.

Information courtesy of FEMA &

Protect your Pet Pets Plan - Prepair
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