KFC - Found! Does anyone know the way to KFC?

While out delivering lost kitty flyers for my own lost kitty Norman, a car repeatedly drove by. The woman driving was calling "KFC? KFC? as she drove along. She passed me several times before I finally thought she must be looking for the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. I said to her as she passed me the next time - "KFC is six blocks over". She stopped her car, and backed up to me.

She said to me, "Oh your the Cat lady", have you found your lost kitty yet?" I told her I was still looking for him. She said then with tears in her eyes, "I'm looking for KFC". I asked her why that made her so sad. She told me then that "KFC is my very gentle pet chicken - she lays an egg every morning for us, loves to cuddle and is a very loved part of their family. "She might have been stolen from my front yard, but I'm not truly sure". She told me she had seen a teenager walk by her home hours earlier, and then noticed that KFC was gone from her yard.

I told her she should make flyers similar to mine and hand them out to the kids arriving to school coming off their buses. She did a very good job in making them, and delivery them. Less than 24 hours later KFC was home again. The boy she had seen walk by had in fact taken KFC. He had told others about having taken the chicken and when he saw the flyer about KFC he immediately took KFC home to her family. In meeting KFC, I found her to be quite an amazing chicken and very loved.


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