Keshi - Found! One Kitties Nightmare.

Sharon and her neighbor Marla had been feuding for a few weeks.  Marla decided to snatch up Sharon's kitty Keshi, who had given birth to 5 beautiful kittens just three weeks before. Marla stuffed Keshi into a purple zippered bag, beating on Keshi by hitting and throwing the bag on the ground, then tossing the bag with Keshi inside into the trunk of her car.

Marla's 13 year old son saw what was happening, ran to his cousin's home asking that he follow Marla's car to see where she might be going with Keshi.  Marla never saw them following in her rage of anger.  Marla drove about a mile to the community college where she beat on the purple bag a few more times before unzipping the bag releasing the now battered and very frightened Keshi in an area unknown to her. 24 hours later Sharon phoned me after getting my number through the police dept.  I met with Sharon right away.  We drove to the area where Marla had abandoned Keshi the day before.  Knowing that if Keshi could hear Sharon's voice, I kept her talking at a normal speaking voice and within moments Keshi appeared from the bushes to Sharon's right.  This took all of 15 minutes!  Sharon and Keshi were on their way home together to 5 awaiting kittens, which had been placed on milk supplements until their mom could be found and brought home to them.  Even though Keshi had been through such a horrible ordeal she was ready and oh so happy to be reunited with her babies. 


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