Kai - Found! Thanks to Melody!

When Kai was lost, I had made 100 flyers, I came home with them and got flooded with about 10 kids fighting over them so I gave them each some and off they ran off.  I quickly ran back to the copy place and made another 300 more.  The kids were all waiting for me they handed out another 200 more flyers.  I kept another 100 to send to school today with my kids. I've always have been good to all the kids in my neighborhood, they love my house and my critters and the pool in the summer time.

Needless to say, I always have a house full.  Well it all paid off for sure, they showed my babies and me their kindness too.

0Well  around 10:00 PM I got a phone call, the women said we got your flyer and I think we have your cat!  She said her 13 yr old son had seen the flyer and found him.  I asked her if he had a black collar on with a pink heart and a bell?  She was on a cordless phone and walked out to her car.  (That’s where her son put him so he wouldn’t run away!)  She said YES!

0I thanked her a million times and handed my husband the phone I could barely talk.
My son and my husband went to go get him.  He came home, not such a happy camper at first, scared and very hungry.  He’s fine now and he’s very loving again...sitting here in my lap :)


Special Thanks to Melody and her wonderful Lost Paws web site.

I re-read it everyday and followed it....

Thank you Melody!


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