Ferrets Magazine

November 2002

Lost little Ferret

The Cat and The Rat

Melody Pugh, a professional Pet Detective, from Bremerton Washington , has been searching for pets since 1998 and has worked on 27 ferret cases. Ironically, the first ferret she found came to her, rather than the other way around.

“My either cats were all of a sudden unwilling to sleep on their kitty beds on the floor, and I couldn’t understand why,” said Pugh. “I placed the kitty beds off of the floor and everything went back to normal. That went on for about two months, and I’d occasionally put one of the beds back on the floor but the cats still wouldn’t get in it.”

“One day we were sitting in the living room with the window open and my husband saw one of the cats trotting up the street following what he thought was a big fat rat. I looked outside and realized that it was an albino ferret. We had a kitty door and before I knew it, the ferret came inside with the cat behind it. I walked behind him to see where he was going, and he went straight for the kitty bowl.”

Pugh hoped that the teenagers in the neighborhood might know something about the lost ferret, so she approached a group of them and asked if they knew of someone who had a lost ferret. They didn’t.

“I started looking around for signs, and finally, at the laundry mat, I found a little makeshift sign for the a lost ferret that looked like a child had made it,” said Pugh. “I called the number. Nobody answered, and there was no answering machine.”

Pugh bought provisions for the ferret and kept on calling the number, with no luck. Finally, she approached a group of neighborhood children and one of them said that their friend had lost a ferret named Benjamin, but that he was away on Christmas vacation in Hawaii and wouldn’t be back for more than two weeks. The child said that he saw his friend crying.

“the kids said that he walks the ferret on a lead and that he takes good care of him”, said Pugh. “We kept Benjamin here for two and a half weeks until the family came home. They said that their boy was the sulkiest child during the vacation,that all his focus was on his ferret, Benjamin. As it turns out, they only lived about two blocks away.

Garage Sale Gone Bad

Pugh’s second lost and found ferret was another case of serendipity. Pugh had a habit of going to garage sales to look for animal carriers. One day, she saw a sale with a large dog carrier on the lawn and she stopped to look at it. The people having the sale were avid ferret owners, and had one of their ferrets outside for people to pet.

“We got to talking and they asked me for my card. That evening they phoned me and said their ferret was missing,” said Pugh. “About a week later I was going by another garage sale, and I noticed that there was a soft carrier for cats for sale. I stopped to get it. The people said that if I bought the soft carrier, I’d have to buy what was inside of it. I reached inside and out came a ferret. Pugh questioned the people selling the carrier with a “surprise inside” about the ferret, but they claimed not to know where it came from. She asked them if they were at a garage sale five days prior, and they said yes.

“Evidently, these people had bought something and the ferret had gotten into the box,” said Pugh. “They decided that they didn’t want to keep it, so they put it into the cat carrier and figured that whoever brought the carrier would have to take the ferret, too. That’s the reality of people in this world. They aren’t all going to be what we want them to be.”

I decided to buy the cat carrier no matter how much it was, and I was taking the ferret even if wasn’t the right ferret. They actually charged me more than a new cat carrier would cost. I drove over to the other people’s house, and they couldn’t believe that I found him.”

-Nikki Moustaki


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