Crystal |

What a relief it is to be able
to be writing this Paws story!

Our Crystal is home safe and sound now. Not long ago Crystal our toy poodle became lost in .

Marysville, WA. She had been let out in our fenced backyard to go potty by my husband along with BJ (our male miniature poodle). BJ came back to the door to be let in so I did so. I did not know my husband had let both dogs out so I did not look for Crystal outside. In the meantime, she had slipped under the gate, which had a gap between it and the ground.

The neighbor soon knocked on the door and asked if both of our dogs were in the house because she thought she had seen Crystal running down the busy road behind our house. It was at that time that we realized Crystal was out. The panicked search began. About an hour-and-a-half later I spotted Crystal back out on the busy road but scared her back into the neighborhood across the busy road. We searched the rest of that first evening but she did not show up anywhere. I was so upset I could not sleep and got up the next morning to make flyers and go out and look. We searched the road and the next neighborhood continually for the next three days hanging our flyers at all the mailboxes and talking to anyone who was in our search area. We called the shelters in the area, reported her to the local animal control and reported her missing to all the veterinarian clinics in town. She showed up nowhere.

On Saturday we got a phone call at about 10 a.m. to let us know our dog had been seen about 1/2 a mile from our house. We again hurriedly went to the neighborhood where she was but could not catch her. She was frightened and running from everyone including us. These sightings went on for the whole weekend but no one could get close enough to her to catch her. I would get my hopes up so high that we were going to catch her and every night we had to go to bed without her home was a let down. Almost everyone in the neighborhood were she had been seen were on the lookout for her. Sunday we began to set a live trap for her. After three nights of her not coming to the food in the trap we were thinking she had moved on or someone had taken her.

Tuesday~ Our first call to the Pet Detective, Melody, was today for some help and suggestions on getting Crystal found. On Wednesday we moved the location of one of the traps, as Melody had suggested, and within three hours she came around and had walked into the trap. I was so elated I think I pierced the ear of the person who called to tell me she was in one of the traps!

We want to thank God for protecting her and all of the people who kept an eye out for her late at night and early in the mornings. Thanks to Melody Pugh who gave us much more information than could have ever thought of ourselves. We had thought of the trap idea; but Melody gave us the excellent idea of moving the trap location and camouflaging it with something from home, so that she would investigate the inside of the trap. Which is exactly what Crystal did. Melody also helped us with the ideas of food to put in the trap and gave us wonderful support. Thank you Melody!!!

Sincerely, Crystals Family