Boots found Desperately Seeking Boots.

The Milliron family had searched for Boots desperately for 6 months before moving to Tennessee. They phoned asking me to please keep looking for him, as they were so sad about having to leave him behind somewhere lost in Bremerton. Boots had been the favorite kitty to their son Jacob, who was taking his loss very hard. I told the Millirons I would never give up looking for him until he was found.

Two months later I am very happy to say that I found Boots! Boot's family learned of his being found via the telephone on a local show in Seattle, called Northwest Afternoon. I was so happy to tell them the great news right away!

Finding that it was too hot for Boots to travel to Nashville Tennessee in the cargo hold of an airplane due to the hot weather, I then reached out to my local newspaper, The Bremerton Sun, to print an article about Boots needing a travel companion for his trip home. They printed my plea on the front page of the newspaper, and within hours of the articles printing I received an email from a lady willing to carry Boots along with her to Nashville!

Diana and her travel companion Boots will arrive in Nashville to be re-united with his family the Millirons on Sept. 23rd! I am so excited for Boots and his loving family.

Kitty hitches ride to family reunion
By Travis Baker, The Bremerton Sun


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