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Pets Plan - Respond

Fire is raging towards you.  Floodwaters are rising.
What about Fido and Fluffy?

Help your pet survive:
kitten paw your pets inside immediately. Animals have instincts about severe weather changes and will often isolate themselves if they are afraid. Bringing them inside early can stop them from running away. Never leave a pet outside or tied up during a storm.
kitten paw you evacuate and plan to take your pets, remember to bring your pet's medical records and medicines with your emergency supplies.
kitten paw are forbidden in public emergency shelters but many rescue groups will organize animal shelters nearby.
kitten paw your local SPCA and Humane Society for care alternatives.
kitten paw you evacuate and have to leave your pet at home, prepare a safe location for it.

Leaving your pets at home:
a prominent sign to notify emergency officials about pets inside your home.
kitten paw familiar items such as the pet's normal bedding and favorite toys.
kitten paw a two or three day supply of dry food, even if it's not the pet's usual food. Don't moisten the food. It will go bad. Leave it in a tip-proof container.
kitten paw water in a big, sturdy, tip-proof container. If possible, open a faucet slightly and let water drip into a big container. Large dogs may be able to obtain fresh water from a partially filled bathtub.
kitten paw Separate dogs and cats. Even if your dogs and cats normally get along, the anxiety of an emergency situation can cause pets to act irrationally.
kitten paw small pets such as mice or birds away from cats and dogs.

kitten paw must eat daily to survive.
kitten paw an emergency, you may have to leave your birds behind.
kitten paw with your veterinarian or local pet store about special food dispensers that regulate the amount of food a bird is given.
kitten paw sure that the bird is caged beneath a thin cloth or sheet to provide security and filtered light.

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