Miracles do happen!

Our dog Rebel, an American Pit bull disappeared Monday night about 9:00 pm. My son had stopped for gas and to use a restroom. The gas station didn't have a restroom, so he walked

over to a restaurant next door to use theirs. When he returned moments later Rebel was nowhere to be found. We didn't think would ever see Rebel again. Like parents we thought someone would find and keep him because he is the most friendly, gentle, and best looking do you ever saw. When Rebel see's someone, instead of barking, he run's up to the person wagging his tail and his entire body wiggles from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. He loves people.

We reported Rebel missing to the Kitsap Humane Society, all of the vets offices, animal rescue organizations in our area, and Bremerton Animal Control. Bremerton Animal Control said they would contact Melody Pugh, the pet detective to aid us in finding Rebel. Melody is wonderful, she stayed up way after midnight that night preparing, and printing beautiful flyers telling about our missing dog Rebel. Then she went out searching for Rebel.

My son really blamed himself, saying he would never leave Rebel in the truck like that again. He looked for several hours that night for Rebel. When morning arrived I picked up the flyers Melody had made and posted them everywhere I could get permission to put them. My son and Ilooked Rebel for over 8 hours that day.

When my son and I got back home we already had calls of sightings of Rebel. I asked my son if he would like to eat something before going to check out the area's where Rebel might have been seen. He said he was too depressed to eat anything. My son drove back to town to see if he could find Rebel from the reported sightings. No luck.

At 8:41 p.m. our phone rang, it was Melody. She said, "I have Rebel with me." I couldn't believe it! She had been driving home from delivering and posting some lost kitty flyers. She was two blocks from her home when a dog ran out into the middle of road and sat down for just a moment. He fit Rebels description, including the collar he was wearing. She knew this was Rebel she looking at. She then noticed the dog was attempting to follow a girl. She asked the girl if she knew this dog. The girl told her no, he just started following me as I walked along. Melody called Rebel, and invited him to get into her truck with her. Rebel hopped right in with her.

We met in the parking lot of the Bremerton Police Patrol soon after. Melody told me that when Rebel saw me drive up, he started wiggling his whole body with excitement he was so happy to see me arriving. He was gone for 72 long long hours.

My son didn't arrive home from looking for Rebel until 11 p.m. that night. When he got home and opened the door was he ever surprised to see Rebel was home! He was so relieved.

Thank you so much Melody for everything you did to help Rebel get home to us again. Miracles do happen with Melody's help!

~ Jeanette