"Pumpkin" . . . You're found!


Five years ago I decided to adopt a dog. So, it was off to our local Humane Society my dad and I went to take a glance around in hopes of possibly finding a lifelong new companion.

Hiding in the back of a kennel behind a German Shepard mix was exactly what I was looking for was my soon to be Pumpkin, a little dachshund. She has been turned in by her owner and this was to be her last day before being "put down". I told my dad like it or not she would be coming home with us, wisely, he agreed. The humane society micro chipped and licensed her for us and away we went to begin our new lives together.

Pumpkin goes everywhere with me. She accompanies me on all my road trips, to visit friends, and when I moved away from home to Las Vegas. From there we moved up to Bremerton, Washington to get away from the hustle of the big city and from a bad situation.

Everything seemed to be going well for the both of us until July 4th, 2005. She got out of our fence and wandered away. I retrieved her, brought her inside the house and I tucked her into a blanket and turned on a movie for her and headed out the door to get a couple things done I needed to get done before evening. I felt a little uneasy at leaving her alone, but my boyfriend kept saying she'd be okay.

I got home a couple hours later to find my Pumpkin was gone!

I searched and searched around the house and yard, but I could not find her . . . anywhere. I began searching beyond our house. I stopped at a bar behind our house to inquire is someone there might have seen her. Several people there said she'd been inside the bar just a bit ago earlier, but that she had left. That was the only thing anyone could tell us.

I printed out posters that night and started hanging them the next morning . . . I got no response to them!

I checked the Kitsap Humane Society everyday, filed a lost report, hung up more flyers, but still nothing.

I was at a total loss of what more to do, and so scared for my little Pumpkin I couldn't even think straight.

The third day at the Humane Society a kind woman at the humane society in customer service gave me a phone number for the Pet Detective, Melody Pugh.

Once I got in touch with her things seemed to start falling into place. Melody rewrote and made me new flyers with a picture of Pumpkin on them. She gave me tips for better ways to distribute them, and also gave me large amounts of encouragement!  

Melody also put me in touch with an Animal Communicator, Annette Betcher. Between the two of them my spirits and hopes in finding Pumpkin were greatly lifted. It helped me in growing more confident that Pumpkin could and would be found.

Exactly one week after Pumpkin had disappeared; Melody received an anonymous call as to the whereabouts of Pumpkin.

When Melody and I arrived at this home to ask about the dog they had in their possession, they were momentarily hesitate. We showed them pictures of Pumpkin and Melody asked to see the dog they had in their home.

The mother in the home led us through the house to the garage where there were two dogs, each in a separate kennel cage.

One of them was my Pumpkin! I would've cried, but I was in such shock and so relieved I couldn't do much except take my Pumpkin out of the little kennel cage and hold my Pumpkin her close to me.

This family had been kind enough to pick her up, saving her from possibly being run over, and taken her home with them . . . and had become attached to her, hoping to keep her, thus not calling on the flyers they saw.

The lady told us they had even named her. We asked what name they had given her. The mother said; "Calla", "she seemed to like that name". Melody told her, "well I can see why she seemed to like it, that's her name", as she pointed to me holding my Pumpkin safe in my arms.

I thanked the woman and her children for taking such good care of Pumpkin and Melody explained to them what to do next time they 'find' a pet to help ensure that it gets back home to its caring family and they don't get attached to a pet that belongs to someone else. 

If it weren't for people like the woman at the Humane Society, Annette, the anonymous caller, and especially Melody I don't think I would have found my baby back with me.

Thank you for helping me to find my little girl.

Calla & Pumpkin