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Paws Advice

"Do you know where your pet is today?"

Don't be shy Licence, Micro Chip tattoo your Pet. In the events your Pet becomes lost these will help to identify your Pet

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Please help keep your pets safe, license and ID your pet today!

No matter if your pet is an indoor only pet or indoor/outdoor pet, they all need to have a current license attached to a collar they will be wearing at all times. (Even during bathing). For further protection they all should be Micro Chipped and Tattooed. Many of the lost pets I search for are indoor only pets who escape from their homes due to many reasons. Sometimes they are being kitty or dog sat while their families are away, and they slip through a unlatched door or window. (There are too many reasons to list here) Please don't take on a false sense of security concerning your pet, because they are indoor only pets. Indoor only pets become lost just as often as indoor/outdoor pets do. When your indoor only pet becomes lost and has none of the above suggested for identifying your pet, you'll saddening know exactly why they should have been properly ID'd. Then it's too late.
Do it today for your pet. They are depending on you!

kitten paw Keep your Pets Safe from Potential Tragedies within the home.
Michael stuck in a plastic jarThere are many dangers that can be found within our homes, this is just one of them ~ The kitty below has his head stuck in a plastic jar that used to contain catnip. Had his family not been home at the time, this could sort of tragedy might have taken his life.
Be careful what you leave out that your pet might come in contact with that could cause he/she harm. Tragedy can happen very fast and end your pets life. It is important that you keep a watchful out for dangers. Your pet is depending on you for this protection. Don’t let them down.

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 Protect You Pets...Before & After Disaster Strikes!

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