Please remember to check our found pets page if you are looking for your lost pet.

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Paws Recovery
Please don't give up looking for me. I want to be found

Finding your Lost Paws

First I must tell you…there is no magic in finding your lost pet, it takes persistence, time and devotion from YOU to find them. Know that if you follow the how to's contained in these pages, your lost pet has the best chance ever to be home with you again. You may want to print out all of the following for reference, while looking for your lost pet.

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The First thing you should do when you have lost your pet …

Act Immediately! Do not wait to see if he/she will return on his/her own accord. This wasted time in waiting can make a huge difference as to whether or not your pet has the best chance in making it home again. Begin looking and calling your lost pet. When calling your pet use your indoor voice that you use when talking to your pet inside your home. Search for your pet on foot, not from a vehicle, as vehicle emissions can deaden your scent. Speak with homeowners and businesses in the surrounding area where your pet was lost. Listen very carefully after call your pets name, if they should answer it will more than likely be a very faint answer to your calling.

Note: When kitties are lost, eating and hiding, is what they do best, secondly to wanting to go home again.

Where to look for your lost Dog or Cat ~

Anywhere a pet might hide such as garages, sheds, under homes, in wooded areas, under vehicles, in storm drains, in bushes, under tarps covering items. In other words, leave no spot or hole un-ventured! In some of these places you may be able to see pet paw prints, or feces indicating your pet may have been there, or may still be in the area. Recheck these same areas over and over as you continue to expand your search, as he may be in one of these places the next time you search there, waiting for you to come back.

Search Tip Lost Paws Flyers Common Myths

I want to go home

Remember ~
Never give up looking for your
lost pet, 
your pet is depending upon your persistence and devotion
for his or her best chance in being found. Please E-mail me if you are in need of support
while your pet is missing.
And, I would "love" to hear from you when
you and your pet have been re-united!

Best Wishes,
Melody Pugh

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