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Norman's Story
In April of 1998, Norman our kitty bolted from the car just after arriving at the vet's office.  95 days later his days on the run were over, he was safe once again, although now weighing less than half of his original body weight of 15 pounds.  When he bolted from the car, I just couldn't leave him behind to possibly die. 
I had never searched for a lost pet before. After the first 24 hours of continual searching, I resolved that I needed the proper tools in finding him.  I had called all the local rescues, humane society, and local vets…and realized I was now on my own to figure out how to find him.  Although each place I had called was very supportive they gave no ideas of how to look for him. It was on my 10th day of looking for Norman, I got a call from a man by the name of David.

Which way is home...I'm scared...
He said he volunteered for PAWS and had heard my telephone message I had left on the answering machine there.  He also runs the Consolidated Lost Pet Line in a town not far from me.  He made me a great lost pet flyer, and I began putting them out.  I laminated many larger ones I had made up to place on telephone poles, and any business that would allow me to put them up.  I returned home after delivering the first 300 flyers, for a restroom break, only to find the phone answering machine light blinking, letting me know I had calls waiting for me to listen to.  So I pressed the button and went off to the restroom only to find myself running right back to the machine…as the first 6 calls came in about possible sighting's of Norman.

In the end, I had delivered over 2,000 flyers, and taken a total of 646 calls, that spanned a 95-day period.  All this time I might add I was actively looking for him in those neighborhoods, many hours each and everyday he was gone.  While looking for Norman I was finding other peoples lost pets for them, I always seemed to be a step behind him.  There are many stories that bring tears to my eyes when they are retold, of his travels while he was missing.  Oh, how I wanted him home safe in the worst way.  My heart was just broken, and everyday was a "Looking for Norman" day.  I kept a journal while he was missing.  I longed for the day that he would finally get to come home. And then…it happened!!!
It was 7:09 in the morning on July 11th, and the first time when answering a call about him being sighted, we just knew this was it!!  A newspaper carrier, Angie (we call her Angel), was delivering her newspapers when she saw one of the signs we put up in that area the night before.  She remembered seeing a kitty fitting his description along her route.  She went back to that area and when she and her partner saw him, he ran underneath a home. Her partner stayed by the hole under the home while she phoned us.

You see the evening before, I had gotten a call from a local couple calling to say "thank you" for giving them help enabling them to find their kitty.  I was overjoyed for them, but when I got off the phone, I was feeling so low about not having found my own kitty yet.

So…I sat before the computer after the call, and began writing a letter to the "kitty angels" to take to God that night as I slept.  I disabled the screen saver after typing it so that the letter could be taken to heaven when it was convenient for him to read it.  I must say I had never done such a thing like this before, but right now it seemed as though the thing for me to do.  One of my sentences read…

"Please bring Norman into the light of day so that the angels can bring him home to us".

When speaking with Angie who had sighted him, and had her newspaper delivery partner watching the hole under the house where he was, she said to me on the phone, that when she saw the telephone pole flyer and thinking it might be him she had seen, she couldn’t think "exactly" where on her route she had seen him. She told me, she said a prayer on her way back to the approximate spot…it included this

"Lord, if this is the poor lost kitty needing to be found,
please bring him into the light of day so that I may see him"

When she said that to me, I started running through the house grabbing my keys and things I needed to leave the house…my husband seeing tears streaming down my face just knew what it must be…he hurried along with me. Less than five minutes later, running stop lights, not stopping for any stop signs, and speeding,

feeling that time was a factor we arrived.  My husband called Norman's name next to the hole, Norman let out the biggest kitty cry that could be heard all the way to heaven.  Moments later Norman was on his way home with us.  He was pretty sedate and his legs didn't work very well for him.  He was very weak, and "very" happy to be found and going home!

Norman Before...


Norman After...


My life’s work is now finding or helping others find their lost pets.
The story of Norman appeared in newspapers, around the U.S.
Of course Norman is special to us whether or not he was ever in a newspaper.
He is one very special kitty!

A special Thank you to all 646 callers who tried to help Norman get home again

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