Mosie and the Coyote

Mosie and the Coyote

“Molly” came out of the woods shortly after we moved to the state of Washington. We bought a nice cedar home on 4 acres, fully fenced.

We tried to discourage her straying, because we already had four kitties, Minky, Cali, Spatsie, and Jake.

This kitty was so cute and warmed our hearts, we decided to keep her. Soon it was off to the vet clinic to get her spayed. Tom took her in and I was going to pick her up after my trip. I was a flight attendant. When I got back, I called the clinic to see how Molly was doing. The vet said “That’s, Mr. Molly to you and he’s ready to go home”. So now our sweet little girl was a sweet little boy kitty. So what to call him? Well he sort of moseyed into our lives, and the closest to a Molly name was “Mosie”, and not a better name could have fit him.

We have never experienced the many years of pleasure we had with our medium haired orange tabby Mosie. He was a fun kitty and came running when you whistled for him. We called him our dog.

He liked to go up on the top shelf in our kitchen where he slept in a very small basket, and when he came down from the upper kitchen shelf, he would use the wall and side of the refrigerator as his slide, and I do mean straight down. We always knew when he came down, because of the “thump” on the floor.

Mosie loved to go outside. Early in the morning he would whine and hit the blinds with his paws until we’d get up to let him outside. Or, he would lie on your shoulder and drool in your ear. That was “pleasant”!!!

We have live here now for ten years, and never had a problem with wild animals bothering our kitties. Why, I don’t know, they are out there. We always made sure the kitties came in early afternoon and for the most part, we were happy campers when we went to bed, because all of our kitties were in, and the outside kitties were snuggled in their houses on our front porch. We were safe, and what a wonderful feeling.

Towards the end of June of 2005, our next-door neighbor called to tell us that what looked like a coyote, was in her yard. She tried to scare it away, but it just scurried off into the woods. Two days later, Tom saw Mosie running from the woods with the coyote chasing him. Mosie ran faster than the coyote, and was safe. All the kitties stayed in the house after that incident, unless we were going to be outside with them.

Another sighting of this “well groomed coyote” in our back yard, and another “panic” to get all the kitties inside. We kind of thought that this animal was a half-breed, and on his own. He was traveling between the three properties. A “grand feast” for him.

We didn’t that this coyote would come around while we were in the yard working, mowing, gardening, etc, but on July 17th, 2005, at about 9:00 am, Tom and I went outside, letting our kitties out with us.

Mosie never came home again.

We were devastated, as he always came home to check in with us or we could see him harassing the birds or squirrels.

We called and looked, called and looked. That was a VERY long night.

The howls of the coyotes were horrific, and we knew that Mo, had met his fate.

On Monday the 18th, Tom decided to walk the perimeter of our property. He came back with a handful of Mosies fur, and that was an indication that Mosie had been taken. I went into denial; we didn’t have a body to bury. We worried that maybe he got away, and ran so far that he couldn’t find his way back home.

I ended up going to the Humane Society to look for Mosie, and spoke with a very nice lady there, which I’m not sure, could see I was in distress. She gave me the phone number to the Pet Detective, Melody Pugh, I phoned her; I could not hire her as we didn’t have money enough in our budget to hire her. However, she gave freely of her time over the phone, and she also offered to drive out to our place and search for “free” if we would like her to.

We miss Mosie so much, and it will take a very-very long time, if ever to get over losing such a wonderful pet.

There’s a Dahlia (flower) named “Bodacious” that our dear friend gave us to put on Mosies memorial garden out by our bird feeders.
Mo was “Bodacious”.

We love you and miss you our “Bodacious Mo”.

Joni & Tom