My career as a Pet Petective began in April, 1998.

My experience looking for my own missing kitty Norman is what led me to become a Licensed and Bonded true life "Pet Detective."

The story of Norman appeared in newspapers, around the U.S.  Of course Norman is special to us whether or not he was ever in a newspaper.  He is one very special kitty!

I know it's what I was meant to do. I love reuniting "families," and having gone through it myself, I completely understand how difficult it can be.  Since I can't help everyone personally, is my way of being with you while you search for your pet. I wish you all well in the recovery of your pets.

 Melody Pugh & her Kitty Norman E-mail us at

or Phone at: (360) 373-4218
All missed calls outside the US will be returned "Collect"

 Melody Pugh & her Kitty Norman

There are no guarantees that you will ever see your lost or stolen pet again.
However, the information contained on these web pages will give the
best chance in possibly re-uniting you and your pet.
Feel free to email me at anytime with questions you might have or take a look at our very own forum.