Louies Story

7-20-2003 to 8-01-2003

13 Days of Misery

We lost our Labrador retriever on June 20 th, 2003 . We were at the Poulsbo Marina in Poulsbo ,

Washington that weekend. We had a great time. “Louie” our dog, a 7 ½ month old lab, very light in color had been up at the marina park all weekend with my eight year old son. We lost our Labrador retriever on June 20 th, 2003 . We were at the Poulsbo Marina in Poulsbo , Washington that weekend. We had a great time. “Louie” our dog, a 7 ½ month old lab, very light in color had been up at the marina park all weekend with my eight year old son. Sunday afternoon Louie was on the boat, I was vacuuming, Jahe was cleaning his room. My husband was putting the dingy away. We had the engines going ready to pull away when we noticed the dog was not on the boat. We knew he had gone up to the Marina ’s park were he had played. We ran up immediately, he wasn’t gone more 15-20 minutes. When we turned the corner there was no sight of him. We asked the people up there. They said he was just here. Everyone in fact said he was just here. One woman said “Oh I saw a lady with a little girl holding onto him”. Our friends helped look for him. We ended up staying another night making up brochures. We handed out and posted 1,000 brochures in total. I went back to Poulsbo 7 times, day and night looking, calling and posting. We live on Mercer Island which is in Seattle . The chances of him just coming home were not good. I’ll never forget the day, pulling away from the marina without out dog. My husband, my son and I just cried our eyes out. It was gut wrenching. I was given a number to a great gal, Melody Pugh, a Pet Detective, who gave me lots of ideas and first hand help. She told us many things including about scammers and what watch to out for if any happened to phone us.

We searched daily for Louie at several Humane Societies. Melody kept watch for him at the Kitsap Humane Society, made flyers for us and helped search for him. He wasn’t anywhere to be found it seemed.

I started crying again, , , well sobbing.. I wanted him home with us so very badly. I prayed and prayed. I said to the Lord, “I know you’ll bring him home”. A gal at local coffee shop in the area where he’d come up missing called me, she had one of our lost posters in her shop. She said two little girls came in with their mother and saw the poster, and said, “That was the dog playing at the high school yesterday”. She said they were absolutely sure. I loaded up some of Louies toys, his blanket, and bowl, and put notes on all of them stating “ If you find this in my mouth, please read and call my mommy, I’m lost”. Well, we tried, and still no Louie. We headed home again by ferry when it was getting late in the day.

It’s Friday night, going on 13 days since Louie has been gone now.

My husband and I arrived home and got out some wine and were getting ready to drown our sorrows, when the phone rang. A mans voice said, “Are you missing a dog?” We said, “yes”. I described him to him. He said “I know who has him”. J-said “Well what do you think we should do?”. He said, “I’ve been trying to talk her into the right thing”. She took your dog in hopes of getting a large reward”. He gave me her name and phone number. I called her and told her our dog’s name is Louie, see if the dog you have there comes to this name. She called him by his name I had given him and she said he came to it. It was our Louie! The only thing she wanted to know from us was about the $1,000.00 dollar reward. We said, “no problem, we are going to take the next ferry at 9:00 pm back to Poulsbo, we’ll stop at the casino to get the money for you”. She said, “I’ll meet you at the casino”.

We were so excited! We just knew it had to be him, we weren’t thinking about the scam she had pulled on us.

Before we got there the guy who had told us about the lady called and said, “If you have a problem with her or she doesn’t show, call me and I’ll get your dog”. I thanked him for his kindness.

We pulled into the casino 15 minutes late, praying she was still there. Sure enough, she was and there was “Louie” “Praise God” “He prevailed” Thank you Jesus”. Louie was so excited to see us!! We all started crying.

Then she told us she had had him the entire time- that she drove around daily and didn’t see any signs up for him. We told her, we couldn’t see how she could have missed them, they were on every wooden sign post or telephone pole in the Poulsbo area.

My husband went into the casino to get her cash. While he was gone she told me she called the Bremerton Animal Control every single day she had had him and lodged a found report with one of the officers there. She was adamant that it was in Bremerton where she had phoned daily.

Well, there isn’t one! Melody had told us about them having been shut down for over a years time. I guess she figured we wouldn’t know this since we didn’t live there. But, I just didn’t say anything to her about this. When Bill came out, he said, “They’re not set up yet to give cash advances”. We wrote her a check.

After we left we called back the guy who told us about her to thank him. We told him about the check amount that we had given her. He said don’t give her the money. Cancel that check! She took your dog from the park with the intent to keep him, until a sizable reward was put up for him. We realized at that moment that we hadn’t been thinking about what this woman was doing because we wanted our Louie back home safe with us… she had scammed us, just as we had been warned about! We cancel the check.

I believe it was by the grace of God hearing our prayers, that Melody & the nice man were sent our way to help us in our search for Louie.

Louie is home again and life is good.