Please remember to check our found pets page if you are looking for your lost pet.


Paws Links
Useful links for you and your pets!
Don't be fooled...a lot of these pages contain valuable information to keep
your pets safe and home where they belong!

Pet - A place to adopt & List Lost Pets
Annette Betcher ~ Animal Communicator
Annette Betcher ~ Animal Communicator
Consultations are available by phone or in person.
Feline Instincts ™ Feline Instincts ™ A raw diet is what nature intended your domestic carnivore to eat.
The Feline Instincts ™ diet plan is as close to that ideal as you can get.
Pets missing in action
Pets Missing In Action
In Memory of Lost Pets In Memory of Lost Pets
International K-9 SAR (Search And Rescue) Services
International K-9 SAR (Search And Rescue) Services

Please consider a donation

I have self-financed this site and helping those in need of help who can't afford to pay since 1999. I need your help to keep it all going.

I do charge for my services, but many times I find myself doing a search for a missing pet free of charge for the missing pets owner, as the pet owner may be ill, disabled, or elderly leaving them  unable to search for their missing pets.

I don't want to have to turn anyone away who needs help, but my home budget can't be squeezed any further than I have been able to do so far. And the growing number of people needing help continues to grow.

Your kind donation will also aid in the making of lost pet flyers for those who can't afford their costly amount, or don't have the resources to make them themselves. They do take a lot of ink, paper, laminent plastic, time in the making, plus delivery of them. As well as for domain registration fees, web hosting fees, website update fees, returning  long distance phone calls from those needing help.

Thank you for your great kindness.


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