Fritz & Gizmo - Found! My dogs were stolen!

Carole obtained my phone number through Bremerton Animal Control.  She told me that ten days ago her two dogs "Fritz & Gizmo" were taken from inside her home.  Detectives from her local police department had been working to help her find her precious family members. No recovering had happened as yet and she felt she wanted to do more in getting them found.

I instructed her to place an ad in her local newspaper and helped her with the proper wording for the ad.  I also made her a lost pet flyer containing all the pertinent information about their having been stolen.

The next day after placing the ad in newspaper, a lady called saying she had actually seen Carole’s two dogs walking across her yard, the lady lived about 25 miles away from Carole’s home.  In following this first lead in finding Carole’s two sweet dogs, they had been passed along three times in those last 10 days of having been stolen.  These homes did not have anything to do with the original stealing of Carole’s dogs.  When speaking with the last lady who now had Fritz and Gizmo I had to remind her that the dogs she had in her possession had originally been stolen and by not returning them to Carole, she would be charged with accessory to the original crime.  This was the only way I was able to get her to agree to meeting in a public place to return Fritz and Gizmo to Carole.  Fritz and Gizmo are safe at home and very lovingly cared for. 


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