About a year ago, one of my six kitties, Fatso, came up missing. He didn't arrive for supper, which worried me, because none of my pets like to miss their supper.

We thought that maybe he was out hunting, as he is a half wild kitty. When he didn't return the next morning, I photocopied pictures of him, making a flyer. I put them up at all the vets and went round to all my neighbors houses.

Nobody had seen him. I wanted so badly to find him. I was walking down the street that same afternoon searching for him, and I began calling him. All my cats, come to the call of "Num-Nums". I called and called, then I heard this faint, but rather deep meow from the bushes on the hill.

My mom, myself, and a very kind neighbor followed the sound of the faint meowing. We found him! We were all soooo happy! He had been out hunting, and had caught himself in a snare. Luckily he didn't get caught around the neck. We cut him free and our neighbor drove us home. We took Fatso to the vet, and apart from being dehydrated, hungry, with a cut where the snare has been, he was fine.

I owe a big thank you to all the people involved, who helped me find my precious kitty, Fatso. A big thank you to this web site as well.

The type of snare Fatso was caught is similar to the one shown below, except it was very crudely made. Snares are not legal where I live in Africa, but they are still widely used. This type of snare was meant for "dassies" or "rockrabbits" as you might call them. We live in a very hilly area which makes it a prime area for dassies and small wildlife.Sincerely,

Shendl from South Africa.