Benjamin - Found! Lost ferret finds Pet-Detective's home.

My kitties had been acting a little strange for almost 2 months when the answer to their strange behavior became apparent to me. All of my kitties had decided that they no longer wanted to sleep in their beds that were placed on the carpet in my living room, but they would hop right in their beds and fall fast asleep if their beds were placed anywhere above carpeting level.

For those last 2 months I had thinking this was a strange behavior for them to showing, but I had no answers for it. Then it happened! My youngest kitty came prancing in the kitty door right behind a ferret, swatting at his tail! The ferret trotted straight to my kitties food bowls, and began eating with Michael still swatting playfully at the ferrets tail!

My husband scooped up "Mr. Ferret" as I hurried to pick up Michael. I then went in action to see if I could find out where "Mr. Ferret" may have come from, as he was very tame and loved to be held. Several hours later after searching the lost pet ads, walking and talking to neighboring home several blocks away I found a tiny hand written note in the window of a nearby laundry mat. The note looked as though it had been written by a child, which it had. Very loved "Benjamin Ferret" had been missing for 2 months! Just the amount of time that my kitties had abandoned their kitty beds on the carpet. Benjamin's family returned from a vacation 8 days later and we so very happy to that Benjamin was alive and well. My kitties returned to their usual sleeping places once again as well.


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