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About Me
I'm Melody Pugh, a real life Licensed & Bonded Pet Detective

Melody also appeared in many articles. Because people kept asking her about them Melody decided to over come her natural shyness for these people and provide them on this site for those who would like to read them.



Miami Herald

Couple's search for missing dog has happy end 18 December 2005

Good Housekeeping Magazine Itís elementary, my dear Fluffy Pet Detective Melody Pugh canít wait to get her paws on the next exciting case. June 2005
Sun Newspaper The length people will go.. 27 June 2004
Ferret Magazine

Lost little Ferret. The Cat and The Rat November 2002

Bremerton Patriot Licensing and microchipping Animals 27 July 2002
The Sun

Thank you 4 March 2002

Womenís World Magazine Pet Detective 25 September 2001
American Profile Melody Pugh The Pet Detective
by Laurel Holliday
12 August 2001
CNN CNN Newsroom
"Pet Detective Transcript"
6 June 2001
The News Tribune Move over Ace Ventura Melody Pugh Pet 7 March 2001
The Bulletin News Paper

Pet Detective Finds Missing Animals For Free March 2001

King Pet detective finds missing animals for free 20 February 2001
National Examiner Tabloid u.s. Navy security guard quits job to become real-life Pet Detective. 21 Augustus 2001
Seattle Times Pet's best friend: Bremerton woman devotes countless hours to rescuing animals 18 February 2001
The Oregonian Plight of pets keeps detective energized A former police officer volunteers her time to track missing animals and follow up on placements 12 February 2001
Central Kitsap Reporter Under the houses and through the woods: pet detective finds lost pets 14 April 2000
The Sun Cat Tale 23 September 1999
North West Afternoon Losing a Pet 10 September 1999
The Sun Newspaper The cat in the ad comes back 17 July 1998

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